Sales Summary By Product

This report allows you to view your sales by your products. You will be able to run a report based upon SKUs within a specific or date range or order number range.

Running The Report

1. Go to Reports > Sales > Sales Summary by Product. 

2. Select the relevant SKUs. 

3. Adjust the dates, or click Manage Filters and Manage Reports Columns to customize your report. Learn More > 

4. Click Export to queue your report for download. It will be emailed to you when ready. You can also Save As or click Actions > Schedule to schedule your report to generate on a recurring basis (Plus only). Learn More > 

Reports export in .CSV format.

Here are the definitions of what will populate in your Sales Summary by Product report:

Website The Website the product is assigned to.
Order Type The different channels the product has been sold by will display on separate rows. (Ex: Website, POS, AdminPanel)
Product Brand The brand assigned to the product.
Department The department assigned to the product.
Department Code The department code assigned to the product.
Sub Department The associated sub department assigned to the product.
Sub Department Code The associated sub department code assigned to the product.
Inventory Pool The pool the inventory belongs to.
Product SKU SKU number assigned to the product.
Vintage The vintage of the product.
Varietal The varietal of the product.
Product Title The title of the product.
Total Qty The total quantity of products purchased.
Total Dollar The total dollar amount of the products.
Avg Sale The average price that the specific product was sold at.

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