<v65:twitterFeed maxRows="2" searchQuery="@vin65team OR from:vin65team"></v65:twitterFeed>

Description: Use this tag to pull a twitter feed onto your site.

Mandatory Attributes:

searchQuery: define the search parameters for the feed

usage: <v65:twitterFeed searchQuery="@vin65team OR from:vin65team"></v65:twitterFeed>

For a list of all search operators that you can put into the twitter searchQuery visit twitter's API page:

To test your search on twitter go to:!/search-home

Optional Attributes:

maxRows: how many items to display

default: 2
usage: <v65:twitterFeed maxRows="2" searchQuery="@vin65team"></v65:twitterFeed>

HTML Source Output:

<div class="v65-tweet"> 

   <div class="v65-tweetProfileImage">
      <a href="" target="_blank">
         <img src="" alt="bmjohnson profile">

   <div class="v65-tweetText">
      Twitter Text

   <div class="v65-tweetDetails">
      <a href="" time="Tue, 08 Nov 2011 17:11:27 +0000" class="twtr-timestamp" target="_blank"> 3 days ago</a> ·
      <a href="" class="twtr-reply" target="_blank">reply</a> ·
      <a href="" class="twtr-rt" target="_blank">retweet</a> ·
      <a href="" class="twtr-fav" target="_blank">favorite</a>


Base CSS from vin65.css:
.v65-tweet { }
.v65-tweetProfileImage { }
.v65-tweetText { }
.v65-tweetDetails { }