Description: Asks the visitor to confirm that they are old enough to enter the site with a simple yes/no questionaire. Content is pulled for the age gate tag from a page in the admin panel with a keyword of "AgeGate"

Optional Attributes:

NoLink: this attribute sets the URL that you are redirected to if you answer no.

usage: <v65:ageGate NoLink=""></v65:ageGate>

to override the redirect:
<v65:ageGate NoLink=""></v65:ageGate>

HTML Source Output:

<div id="v65-modalContainer">
     <div id="v65-modalViel">&nbsp;</div>

     <div id="v65-modalAgeVerification">
          <div id="v65-modalContent">
               <p>Content from your page with the "AgeGate" keyword.</p>

               <div class="v65-ageGate-yes">
                    <a href="/index.cfm?method=homepage.ageGate&referrerQueryString=">Yes</a>
               <div class="v65-ageGate-no">
                    <a href="">No</a>




Base CSS from vin65.css:

Resource Bundle Elements:
AgeGateYes: Yes
AgeGateNo: No