Product Image Size Defaults

The default image sizes for all products can be adjusted by developers in the store's admin panel. Once these sizes have been adjusted, they will now be the defaults used when new products are uploaded, and can be applied to products uploaded in the past. 

1. Adjusting the default image sizes

The default image sizes for products can be adjusted under Settings > Website Settings > Products. If the product image does not have the same aspect ratio to what is listed, it will resize as close as it can, while staying within the specified dimensions. 

Large is used for product zoom. 
Main is used for the product drilldown pages. 
Thumb is used on the product list pages. 

Note: We recommend logging out and back into the admin panel to ensure that these changes take effect. 


2. Resizing the current product images

Changing the image sizes in the website settings will affect all future product images uploaded, but in order to change product images already uploaded, they must be resized. Go to Settings > Website Settings > Functions and use the Redo Product Images function. Select any sizes that have changes have been made to and click Save to resize them. We recommend redoing one product size at a time. 


3. Adjusting the CSS of the product image containers

In some cases, the container of the product image may have to be adjusted in the css in order for them to display at a larger size.