Configure Text Messages

The Configure section allows you to setup a contact should someone respond to a text message that cannot be handled by the system. For example, if a customer were to respond to an order tracking text message then the contact in the configure section would be notified. 

Setting A Contact: Learn to set up a contact who will receive notices if a customer responds to a system text. Learn More >

Setting A Contact

You can setup a single contact that will receive notices should a customer respond to a system text message. Complete the following steps to configure the contact: 

1. Navigate to Contacts > Text Messages > Configure.

2. Enter the email or mobile number of the contact. Only one email address or phone number can be entered. 

3. Click Save Change.

Email To The email address that you wish to be notified with when a customer replies to a system text message. 
SMS To The mobile phone number that you wish to be sent a text to when a customer replies to a system text message. Please note that this field cannot accept any special characters, input the phone number as numbers only.

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