List Builder Export

Once you have finish building your list builder, the last section of the list bulider page is the summary.  In the summary tab, you will then be able to export your list in .CSV format for reference.

Table of Definitions Per Column

Customer No. The customer's profile number.
FirstName First name of the customer.
LastName Last name of the customer.
Company The customer's company.
Address The customer's address.
Address2 The customer's address continued.
City The city the customer resides in.
State The state the customer resides in.
ZipCode The customer's zip code.
Country The country the customer resides in.
Email The customer's email.
Phone The customer's contact number.
LifetimeValue The total life time value of the customer.
LastOrderDate The customer's last purchase date.
LastOrderAmount The customer's last purchase amount.
NumberOTransactions The number of total orders the customer made.
Added The date the customer was added.
Modified The date the customer was modified.

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