Campaigns is a tool designed to help you with outbound phone marketing. This tool helps you create marketing campaigns, add contacts and customers that you want to reach out to (referred to as "Leads") and assign these customers to sales reps at your winery to call.  It will also provide you with success measurements statistics about your campaigns and can calculate commision to be paid out to your reps.

Campaigns begin by using our List Builder tool to build a list of contacts to assign to the campaign. This will allow you to curate your Leads based on filters available in List Builder - if you aren't familiar with this tool, we would recommend checking out how it works here.

Create a Campaign: Learn how to create a campaign. Learn More >

Campaign Automation: Learn how to create a master list to be cleaned and how to clean individual lists. Learn More >

Create A Campaign

1.  Navigate to Contacts in your admin panel. Select Campaigns.

2.  Click Add a Campaign. This will take you to the first page to add General Information.

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General Information

Campaign Name Name of the Campaign
Commission Rate Determines percentage of Total Sales to be distributed as commision for Sales Rep. Value must be in decimals and will be converted to a percentage (e.g. 0.5 will be converted to 50%).
Start Date

When the campaign starts and is active.

End Date When the campaign ends and is no longer active.
Planned Start Date  
Planned End Date  
Key Contact Name  
Key Contact Phone  
Key Contact Email  
Notes Notes about the campaign.

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Place Contact Into Campaign

1. Go to Contacts > List Builder

2. Select List Builder list you would like to assign to a campaign.

2. Click Generate List.

3. Under Actions, select Place Into Campaign.

4. Choose the Campaign to assign these Contacts to by selecting from the drop-down.

5. Assign sales associate's previous purchasers will assign the contact to the Sales Associate who helped them on their latest order when they are placed into the Campaign.

Assign Contacts to Sales Rep

Once you have placed Contacts into the Campaign, you will need to assign the contacts to specific sales reps, so someone will be responsible to reach out to each lead.

1. Go to Contacts > Campaigns > Open a Campaign.

2. Under Campaign Tasks, select Assign Contacts into Campaigns.

3. Lead Status will show you how many total Leads are available in the campaign and how many have been assigned to a specific rep.

4. Under Assignments, your Sales Rep names should display. You will want to enter a number here to determine how many Leads you would like to assign to the corresponding Sales Rep.

5. Click Save Changes

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Advanced Contact Search

Once leads/contacts have been assigned to the appropriate sales reps, it's time to make the outbound calls. There are additional search filters available in our Campaign section to help your sales reps create an accurate list of people they need to call.  Search Filters are criterias - only contacts who meets the criterias outlined in the filter will display on the list.  You can combine multiple filters together.

Advanced Campaign Contact Search Definitions:

Calls Made

- Not Called Yet: Lead hasn't been called
- 1 Call Made: Lead has been called once
- 2 Calls Made: Lead has been called twice
- 3 Calls Made: Lead has been called three times
- Any Calls Made: Lead has been called

Calls Established Yes or No. Yes would indicate at one point, a call was made and a Result from the call was recorded.
Email Sent  
Purchased Yes or No. Yes would indicate an order has been placed for this contact from the Campaign.  Orders placed outside of Campaign will not count.
Wine Club Yes or No.  Yes would indicate the contact is a wine club member
Interested Yes or No.  Yes would indicate at one point, a call was made and a Result of Interested was saved.
Appointments Yes or No.  Yes would indicate at one point, a call was made and a Result of Appointment Scheduled was saved.
State State the contact's Billing Address is in.
Time Zone Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific Time.
Last Name Contact's Last Name
Called From Contact called after this date
Called To Contact called before this date
Sales Associate Sales Associate assigned to the contact.  This field will default to the sales rep logged in.
Callable Yes or No.  No would indicate at one point, a call was made and a Result of Do Not Call or Bad Phone was selected.

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Campaign Contact Drilldown

When your sales rep reaches out to a specific contact, he/she will use the Campaign Contact drilldown to record the outcome of the call. They can also perform actions such as creating a new order right away.

 Campaign Contact Drilldown Definitions:

Customer Name of Contact/Lead
Call Time The last time a call was made.

View Customer: Opens up the Contact Profile
New Order: Place an Order for Contact


Options are: Not Interested, Requested Email, No Message Left, Interested, Purchased, Do Not Call, Unavailable, Left Voicemail, Appointment Scheduled and Bad Phone.

There isn't a way to add a new Result, only the ones listed above will be available.

Rep Choose the Rep assigned to the Contact/Lead.
Call Notes Notes to record from the call
Call Summary

Note Time: Time when the Note was saved.
Subject: Will display "Call By: Sales Rep Name. Results: [Result]"
Note: Notes recorded from the call

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Campaign Stats

Here you can see statistics about your Campaigns and how succesful it has been. This section is located under Contacts > Campaigns > Open a Campaign.

Campaign Stats Definitions:

Total Leads Total number of Leads in the campaign.
Assigned Leads Number of Leads assigned to a Sales Rep
Average Call per Lead Number of calls made/number of leads called
Average Contact per Lead  
Percentage of List Contacted Number of leads called/Total Leads
Net Sales

Net Sales collected from Campaign

Total Refunds Refunds processed on Campaign orders
Total Sales Total Sales collected from Campaign
Club Sales Total Sales - Total Sales by non-club Members
Non-Club Sales Total Sales - Total Sales by Club Members

 Campaign Stats By Day and Rep Stats Definitions:

Date The date which campaign stats are referring to
Calls Number of Calls made
# of Orders Number of Orders processed from Campaigns
Sales Total Sales collected for a date
AOV Average Order Value. It will calculate (Sales / # of Orders)

Conversion Rate.  It will calculate (# of Orders / Calls)

Campaign Automation

By using Campaign Automation, you can dynamically update your list of Contacts based on the List Builder list.  Lists generated using our List Builder tool updates automatically based on the parameters set on the list.  If you want the automatic updates to also update the list in your campaign, you will want to enable Campaign Automation.

1. Go to Contacts > Campaigns > Open a Campaign

2. Click Edit on Campaign Automation

3. Check off the box

4. Click Save

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